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Unveiling the Top Home Maintenance Tips Straight from the Experts- Our Inspectors!

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

We make our living finding problems with homes so that buyers can know what they're getting out of their new investment - the good, the bad, and the dirty; and with that, we've got a little bit of know-how in keeping your home in top shape - something we're happy to share! We've taken the time to ask the licensed home inspectors on our team what some of their top home maintenance tips are for keeping a home in good shape through the tests of time, and hopefully help you save a bit of trouble along the way.

Home Maintenance Tip #1- Have Your HVAC Unit Serviced

HVAC units outside a home

Maintaining a regular service schedule for your HVAC unit(s) is a great way to help save money in the long run; in addition to keeping your unit clean and lubricated, yearly servicing and maintenance allows for an HVAC technician to make small but necessary repairs before they turn into larger and more costly problems. This means your HVAC unit is running more efficiently and with better air quality for longer, protecting and extending the lifespan of a major investment - as well as keeping your home nice and cool in the summer months! It is recommended to have the unit serviced at least once every year, and spring is a great time to complete the task- when the weather is warm enough to run the HVAC unit, but before it's hot enough to be needed continuously. Contact a licensed HVAC professional to schedule the servicing.

Home Maintenance Tip #2- Flush Out Your Water Heater

Have your water heater flushed regularly. In addition to keeping your water heater running efficiently, it can reduce your energy consumption and extend the life of your unit! Having your water heater flushed reduces the amount of sediment build up, which can negatively impact your water quality and affect the taste of your water. It also gives you or your plumber the chance to inspect your water heater for things such as rust and leaks, and spotting those problems early can save you money by preventing large scale repairs and major issues in the future. You should have your water heater flushed twice a year- in the spring and fall. Contact a qualified plumber to schedule the service, or you can also learn how to flush your own water heater! For more information, click here.

Home Maintenance Tip #3- Check Your Roof for Missing Shingles and Exposed Nail Heads

Water pouring down a roof.
Photo: Adrien Olichon

Take advantage of a clear day by checking your roof! You can simply look over all areas of the roof, or use binoculars or even a drone to see more clearly. Ensure that all shingles are laying flat in their proper place and that none of them are sticking up, seem out of place, are missing any peices, or are missing completely. Shingles can go missing for several reasons, like storms involving wind and rain- or things like falling tree limbs. Keep an eye out for exposed nail heads as well- these and missing shingles can be indicators of potential water intrusion. Exposed nail heads can rust over time and lead to leaks if not properly maintained, so it is best to get them taken care of as soon as possible! Caulking around these areas often isn’t enough, and you may need to re-roof entire areas if they have not been promptly and properly cared for. It's a good idea to check your roof after strong winds or storms regularly throughout the year. You can also click here to schedule a professional roof inspection with us!

"These are 5 of the most important home maintenance items to prevent major and expensive home repairs and protect your largest investment." -Dave Ganatra, Lead Inspector

Home Maintenance Tip #4- Keep Your Gutters Clean

Sometimes, keeping clean can take a little bit of getting dirty - and not much showcases that more than keeping your gutters clean. Luckily, regular observation and attention can make this task pretty painless; after all, regular cleaning means that debris will have less time and less of a chance to build up. This task is an important one, as debris buildup can cause weight to mount up in your gutters, which can in turn cause more severe damage to your home - not to mention that it will inevitably block the passage of water safely away from your home, leading to rust and corrosion which can drastically shorten your gutters' lifespan! Cleaning your gutters is a pretty simple process. First, you clean away debris in the gutter. Next, use a hose to wash away small debris that remains in the gutter, watch that water flows properly and that there does not appear to be any clogs. If you come accross clogs, leaks or standing water, consider reaching out to a gutter professional. This process should be completed at least twice a year. Clean and effective gutters and downspouts are necessary to route water away from the exterior of your home and especially away from your foundation.

Hand cleaning gutters near roof

Home Maintenance Tip #5- Check Your Home Property Site Drainage

It is best to check your property for effective drainage after a storm, so you can tell if there is any ponding water, water in the crawlspace or water reaching the foundation. Property site drainage is important to prevent water damage, protect landscaping, prevent soil erosion, maintain structural stability, and manage surface water. Proper drainage systems contribute to the longevity, safety, and overall functionality of a property. You will want to look for standing water, areas where a lot of water is streaming, and water marks on your foundation. It's a good idea to contact a professional for at least the first time you are reviewing your property, especially if you suspect any issues. Regularly monitoring your property's drainage is highly recommended.

Incorporating these essential home maintenance tips into your routine can make a substantial difference in the overall care and longevity of your property. By consistently following these maintenance practices, you not only ensure the well-being of your home, but also minimize the likelihood of encountering significant issues down the road. Invest the time and effort now, and reap the rewards of a well-maintained home for years to come. Click here to schedule a professional inspection of any main area of your property!

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