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Thank you for choosing House on the Rock! We're happy to work with you. 

We take payment by card (which incurs a 3.5% processing fee), cash, or check, as well as digital payment through our Venmo account, @HouseOnThe-Rock (find our QR code at the bottom of this page for convenience).


For payment by cash or check, our mailing address is 3401 Mallory Lane, Suite 106, Franklin, TN 37067, or you can deliver payment on-site to our inspector at the time of inspection. Please note that if you intend to mail payment, we must receive payment before releasing the inspection report. 


Payments by credit or debit card can be processed either online through the payment link enclosed with your verification email and report email, or payment can be taken over the phone at (615) 717-7900.


If you are paying through Venmo, we request that you make sure the toggle labeled “Protect Payment” is switched off to ensure that the payment is processed in full, as protecting the payment through Venmo takes a fee out of the payment.


If you choose to use Venmo and the last 4 digits of the phone number associated with the account are requested, they are 1714.


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